Traffic Conditions Map

About the Traffic Conditions Map

This map shows real-time traffic conditions of the Metropolitan Expressway.


Check real-time traffic updates on the map above. Traffic conditions are indicated by color, icons indicate accidents etc,

  • Road ClosureRoad Closure
  • AccidentAccident
  • Traffic RegulationsTraffic Regulations
  • CloseClose
  • ETC vehicles onlyETC vehicles only
  • CongestionSlow Traffic
  • Heavy TrafficHeavy Traffic
  • EntranceEntrance
  • ExitExit
  • CongestionMetropolitan Expressway networks
  • Other networksOther networks
  • Olympic networksOlympic Route networks(ORN)

*The network of the Metropolitan Expressway is indicated in blue, other networks are grey.


・Traffic conditions will take approximately 10-15 minutes to be updated on this page. Please refresh the page to see the latest conditions.

・Traffic Conditions Map does not automatically display the latest updates when visited, as it is updated in a 5 minute cycle. Please refresh the page to see the latest updates when you view the page for more than 5 minutes.

・”Heavy Traffic” indicates traffic speed of less than 20km/h, “Slow Traffic” indicates traffic speed between 20km/h and 40km/h. “Accident” indicates locations of accident occurrence or obstruction, and for “Road Closure” the red x mark indicates the point of closure, the black dotted line indicating the area which traffic cannot pass through.

・Traffic Conditions Map displays icons indicating the Metropolitan Expressway’s areas of “Heavy Traffic”, “Slow Traffic”, “Accident”, “Traffic Regulations” and “Road Closure”. Please note that “Traffic Regulations” of junctions are not displayed on the map.